If I don't go to school at Juan Diego, can I still play there?

YES!  Because Juan Diego is a Private School, we do not have any High School boundaries like Public schools do.  We happily welcome players from all walks of life, that are looking for a fun, safe environment in which to learn the game of football

What are ages/weights of players?

The age of a player for the playing season shall be his/her attained age as of July 1, of that year.

Scout 7 - 8 X Weight 85 lbs No Z Downs Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP ONLY
(For 8-year-olds only)

Gremlin 9 X Weight 95 lbs Z Weight 10yr old 70 lbs
Or optional 1 year move “Y”UP ONLY

Pee Wee 10 X Weight 105 lbs Z Weight 11yr old 80 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Mity Mite 11 X Weight 125 lbs Z Weight 12yr old 100 lbs Or optional 1 year move

GridIron 12 X Weight 135 lbs Z Weight 13yr old 110 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Bantam 13, (14) must be in 8th
grade or Z down rules apply
X Weight 165 lbs Z Weight 14yr old
140 lbs Or optional 1 year move

Junior 14 - 15 No X Weight - Unlimited
Or optional 1 year move (15- year olds cannot “Z” down

14 year old 8th grade players will need to show proof of grade during weigh in. Copy of official document will need to be kept on file.

* This move down for 14 year old 8th grade Players will be for districts without Junior teams only.

If a 14 year old Junior wishes to “Z” down, from a district that fields a Junior Team then all corresponding “Z” down rules are still in effect.

Y Up - 1 year move – Bylaw 13.1

Y & Z mandatory Weigh Ins – Y & Z players may only weigh once prior to the original district

How much does it cost to play?


$300 total registration fee
Equipment included:
Helmet, Shoulder pads, game pants home/away jerseys (to keep)

REGISTRATION FEE Breakdown To Ute Conference:

$55.00 OF REGISTRATION FEE goes towards UTE CONFERENCE Franchise Fees, and Insurances,

$60.00 To Jersey Purchases,

$75.00 To Officials, Security and on Field Medical Personnel

$10.00 To Online Administrative Costs


$100.00 goes to JDYF to purchase new equipment and cover operational expenses

Where are practices and games held?

All practices are held on the campus of the Skaggs Catholic Center

Skaggs Catholic Center

Games are held are various locations from Salt Lake City, Park City and Pleasant Grove

Field Locations

How long is the season?

Practices start July 29th. Games will start August 17th and run through November 2nd (including playoffs).

What size football do I use?
  • Scouts & Gremlins will use Under Armor Pee Wee size football.
  • Pee Wee & Mity Mite will use Under Armor Junior size football.
  • Gridiron & Bantam will use the Under Armor Youth size football.
Who do I contact if I have further questions?

Please send an email to:
juandiegoYF@gmail.com for any further questions