Head Coach: Jason Liljestrand

Head Coach: Josh Judd

Head Coach: Tom Mack

Mity Mite
Head Coach: Michael Kramer

Head Coach: Paul Ceballos

Head Coach: Sam Lewis


Scout 7/8  
X-Weight: 85lbs     No Z Down ("Y"UP ONLY for 8 year olds)
Gremlin 9
X-Weight: 95lbs.    Z Weight 70lbs. (86-94lbs . to remove "X")
Pee Wee 10
X-Weight 105lbs.   Z Weight 80lbs. (96-104lbs to remove "X")
Mity Mite 11
X-Weight 125lbs.   Z Weight 100lbs. (106-124lbs to remove "X")
Gridiron 12 
X-Weight 135lbs.   Z Weight 110lbs. (125-134lbs to remove "X")
Bantam 13, (14) must be in 8th grade
X-Weight 165lbs.  Z Weight 140lbs. (135-164lbs to remove "X")

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